Day Saturday 4th may 2019
Place Birtley Community Centre
Time 1.30 to 3.30 pm
Fee £30.00

6ft red oak staffs are available at the discounted price of £18 00 if required.

All names and fees to be paid the week before in order for me to order in the long Poles

Long pole class information

The pole class will be taught by Sifu John Agar who learned these long pole techniques in 1976 directly from his Sifu Alan Lamb, Alan Lamb was taught these long pole techniques and forms while studying kung fu in Hong Kong under a Shaolin monk.


We will be covering various basis blocks and strikes, two person drills, and a full shaolin long pole form, if this class goes well there will be a future follow up class where a second form will be taught.


Sign up using the form in class