Grading Dates

All gradings will take place Saturdays 1.00pm to 4.00pm at the Birtley community centre.


Birtley Students

  • Saturday June 29th
  • Saturday December 21st


Durham Students

  • Saturday June 29th
  • Saturday December 21st

Useful information



What to wear

We ask that all students wear their uniforms or beginners wear plain black sweat pants with a black tee/vest.

All graded member must wear their current sash.


What to expect

The format goes as follows:

Highest grades will do their sections 1, 2 & 3 followed by the next highest grade and so on. Everyone completes their first 3 sections first. Once the beginners have done their first three sections they will complete their gradings by doing sections 4 & 5. It then works in reverse order so those doing the highest grades do their forms and chi-sau drills last.