Special Sessions

Weekend Training, Weapons Classes & Private Tuition

Special Sessions

These include the occasional Saturday class where special weapons forms or other styles come into play, and the private tuition which gives you a one-on-one session with Sifu John Agar.

Weapons Classes

On certain occasions, weapons classes are arranged additional to the weekly timetable. They are normally held on a weekend during the day. All weapons classes will be announced in the news section.

Recent weapons classes have included:

  • Chinese Broad Sword
  • Butterfly Knives
  • Shaolin Long Pole
  • Wing Chun Long Pole
  • Nunchaku
Escrima Weapons

Private Lessons

There are currently spaces available for private lessons in Wing Chun Kung Fu. These popular sessions allow for one-on-one training with Sifu John Agar in the wing chun system.

Private lessons are for those who wish to hone their techniques and keep their form in order or for those who wish to further develop their skills in the wing chun style. These are also ideal for beginners who wish to gain a quick knowledge in the art or who have missed the current batch of beginners classes and would like to catch up.


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