Instructor Profile

Sifu John Agar
Date of Birth: 19/12/1955

Date of Birth: Married with two children

Occupation: Professional Martial Arts Instructor

Years Training: 40+

Main Style: Wing Chun

Other Styles Practiced:
Wado-Ryu Karate, Aikido, Shaolin Kung Fu, Police Arrest Techniques i.e. Locking and Throwing. John has also  trained privately in the Choy Lee Fut system of Kung Fu under Gordon Wilson, the 1995 overall British Kung Fu Champion.

Weapon Skills:
Wing Chun Long Pole and Butterfly Knives, Shaolin Pole, Nunchaku, Philippine Escrima stick and knife techniques and various weapons used in the Choy Lee Fut system. Chinese Broad sword

Ron Balsam in Wado-Ryu Karate, Lee and Beryl Crow in Aikido, Sifu’s Alan Lamb and Alick Au in Wing Chun, Gordon Wilson in Choy Lee Fut.

Sifu John Agar


In July, after a full day’s assessment at the British wing chun headquarters in Preston, under the associations chief instructor Sifu John Darwen, Sifu’s John and Alan agar were given the honour of being chosen to be the officially approved instructors for the B.W.C.A. for the North East of England.

At the end of September john and Alan were chosen by Sifu Alan lamb on his return from the U.S.A. to help him with an eight week intensive course in wing chun kung fu, long pole training and the Philippine martial art of Escrima. John and Alan took full advantage of Sifu lamb’s return to the UK by training with him several hours each day, most days of the week until his return to the U.S.A.


Sifu john agar won first place in the men’s advanced Kata/forms division in the 1988 Sukodo Karate championships for his Shaolin forms Tun-da and Moi-fa.


Sifu john agar was accepted for membership within the yip man martial arts association, Hong Kong.


Sifu john agar was awarded the rank of 5th degree black sash by the amateur martial arts association, London.


A team of wing chun students from the john agar school of self defence took part in the prestigious UK internal arts competition held in Newcastle upon Tyne, which was hosted by Sifu Peter Yeung. The competition attracted students and kung fu masters from Hong Kong, France, Sweden, Greece and the U.S.A.

Sifu john agar’s students won all the wing chun events they entered and brought home all the gold medals.


Sifu john agar was accepted for membership within the national register of martial arts instructors, and the Ving Tsun athletic association in Hong Kong.

In June 1999 Sifu John Agar made a life changing decision to take voluntary redundancy from his job of twenty three years as a machine operator at the Royal Ordinance factory in Birtley, to become a full time professional martial arts instructor.
Six years since that decision, Sifu John Agar has built up a number of successful Wing Chun Schools throughout the area, all of which have produced a total of six new Black sash students, Sharon Breadin, John McNulty, Matt and James Laing, Nigel Pilmore and Paul Allison.

Sifu John Agar is also in demand to give one on one private lessons and has been approached on several occasions to teach privately a number of the professional football players and staff from the premiership football club, Sunderland A.F.C john has taught stefan schwartz ,Matt piper , David Bellion , Kevin Ball and Stan Varga (See Photos Page)

 2008  present day !

New Venture this year starting to produce a number of wing chun kung fu instructional videos from beginner to advanced level , I am hoping to have my first three videos up and running by May ? once I have my new internet shop open and selling my down loadable videos on line i can then consentrate on adding further videos , I just need to get every thing set up first of all .